About Me

Hi, welcome to my website. I’m Scarlett, Chinese name is Sijia. I currently a graduate student in Cal. Go Bears!

I love Electronics Engineering (which was my undergraduate major) and Computer Science (which is my graduate major). Haha, I’m serious 🙂

I love all kinds of DIY (electronics, hands-made decorators, drawing/graffiti, modeling/laser cut/3D print, …).

I love board games (werewolves, one-night werewolves, avalon, uno, coup, dixit, …) and poker games (level up, the land owner, guandan, push the pig, …) and also majiang.

I love traveling!

I love sports!

I love my family and my friends!




Download a pdf version of my resume


sijia_teng [at] berkeley [dot] edu


  • University of California, Berkeley, CA
    • Master of Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Fudan University, Shanghai
    • Bachelor of Science, Electronics Engineering


  • Software Skills
    • C, C++, Python
    • knowledge of: SQL, Java, Perl, html, xml
  • Hardware Skills
    • FPGA (Verilog, VHDL), Electrosoldering, PCB, Micro controller, Arduino


  • Researcher, Berkeley Center for New Media & Berkeley Institute of Design
    • Vision Correcting Display, Binocular Vision Problem, Parallax Barrier, Eye Tracking, OpenCV, Python, C++
  • Researcher, Smart Health Lab, Fudan University
    • Smart Bed Sheet, Sleep Monitoring, System Design, FPGA, Pressure Sensitive Material (Velostat), Verilog, C++, Matlab
  • Research Assistant, Key Lab for Information Science, Fudan University
    • Fast Algorithm for Calculating Physical Optics Integral, Numerical Steepest Descent Path, Matlab


  • Nektar
    • Team members: Vivek Claver, Zhangyou Nikki Chen, Chun Err Chai, Scarlett Teng
    • A guitar projector that helps guitar beginners with guitar learning
  • Vision Correcting Display
    • Team members: Berkeley vision correcting display lab researchers under guidance of Prof. Brian Barsky
    • A display that enables people with vision problems to see a sharp and clear image without corrective eyewears
  • Smart Sleep Bed Sheet
    • Team members: Fudan smart health lab researchers under guidance of Prof. Wei Chen
    • A bed sheet that monitors the sleeping quality of the user
  • Yue Me Website
    • Team members: Da Chen, Scarlett Teng, et al
    • A website that enables students to make appointments, like study, meal, sports, etc


  • Wu, Y.M., Teng, S.J., and Yang, D. F., “Calculating the High Frequency Physical Optics Scattered Fields from the Electrically Large NURBS Scatterers by the Numerical Steepest Descent Path Technique”, 2016 PIERS.